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    British owned and ran, GymTote was born from the collaboration of Helena Searcaigh, a self-confessed Gym Junkie alongside designer Nicola Kearney, the brains behind the bag. Helena created GymTote to fill the gap in the market for women who wanted a Gym bag that was stylish enough to take to work. Unique and hugely practical, a GymTote promises to take you from Bikram to the Boardroom. So what does make GymTote a bag like no other? The top section of the handbag is similar to a normal handbag. A small section that can contain all the essentials that you require, accessed quickly and easily. A shallow pocket, this ensures that no time is wasted digging around for your keys or phone.

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  • The new FitBit Alta

    The new FitBit Alta

    Following the launch of the new Blaze watch, Fitbit have announced another new tracker, the Alta. Very different in its looks, design and features, the Alta is focused towards the more fashion conscious of FitBits customers. A slim device, with a choice of leather, classic or metal bands, the Alta is a fashionistas best friend built to blend in with any style and environment.

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  • FitBit News

    FitBit News

    FitBit have managed to get themselves into some hot water in the U.S over claims that their Heart Rate monitors do not accurately show heart rate data. The Surge and the Charge HR both have heart rate detectors built in. These work by using an LED light to reflect onto the skin to detect changes in blood volume, with software then working out the BPM. 

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