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    You may have noticed our FANTASTIC competition over on Twitter at the moment, with the lovely people at Meglio! We have a brilliant fitness bundle to give away to one lucky follower and all you have to do is follow & retweet! You might have never heard of Meglio, so we thought we would let you all know what exactly you're missing out on

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  • Beat the January blues before you leave the house

    Beat the January blues before you leave the house

    It's January, it's dark, rainy, it's just the worst time of the year ever, say those people who are yet to read this post! But fear not, there are small simple ways to beat the January blues every morning before you even leave the house!

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  • Counting Macros

    Counting Macros

    The word ‘Macro’s’ has been bouncing around more regularly than ever lately, you hear it in the gym, in the supermarket and online frequently. Unsure of what exactly people are talking about, then we’ve got the answer!

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  • Clean Eating Alice

    Clean Eating Alice

    Beginning her fitness journey in 2012, Alice Liveing was a student in her first year at the Bird College of dance, music and theatre performance. Struggling with both her weight and her studies, she turned to the books and learnt all she could about nutrition and fitness. Hitting the weights instead of just cardio, Alice has become an Instagram sensation, sharing her daily life with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram under the alias Clean Eating Alice!

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