Full Fitness Gym
Full Fitness Gym, Unit 1, Breckland Business Park
Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 6UP
  • Location Norwich Road, Watton, IP25 6UP
  • Telephone 01953 665090
  • Website www.fullfitnessgym.uk
  • Join Date Joined December 2018
  • Last Seen Seen 3 years ago
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The best gym around Watton. 24/7 access through RFID gates, Face recognition CCTV. Split gyms from easy going too full plate loaded area. 24/7 classes through virtual instructors and instructor lead classes through the day.

Rock Climbing through a dedicated bouldering wall.

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  • 24/7 Access, 9000sqft of space split between gyms, one designed for easier going more cardio and pin loaded machines and then a completely seperate area for the cables and plate loaded. Boxing area, class studio area and even 247 classes via virtual classes. Bouldering wall has been built to give you a deep core body functional fitness training. Bouldering and rock climbing is an amazing. Get yourself to Full Fitness Gym Watton in Norfolk UK .

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