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  • WIN a brand new Apple Watch 3!

    WIN a brand new Apple Watch 3!

    From now until the 22nd of December we are giving all new Gym Freaks users the chance to win a brand new Apple watch 3 with a Silver aluminium fog sports band. Amazing right! So what do you have to do to be in with a chance? Gym Freaks is not only a great place to find your nearest Gym, Personal Trainer or Health club but it's also a great place to get social and chat with other like minded people. Do you ever get self conscious of posting all your gym wins on your Facebook, or worry that the people on Twitter don't want to see your latest run on Strava. Then Gym Freaks is the place to be!

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  • Fitness friendly advent calendars

    Fitness friendly advent calendars

    Lets face it, advent calendars are one of the best things about Christmas, a daily chocolate at breakfast time. As a child it was the best thing ever! Well it hasn’t really changed, with many of us still indulging in advent calendars (lets face it there's no good reason why we shouldn’t!) But for those who would like to stick to a gym worthy version there are lots of options. We’ve had a look at the best ones around at the moment that are available in time for the 1st of December!

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  • Whey Box - The most convenient whey!

    Whey Box - The most convenient whey!

    Bored of having a huge tub of whey that just goes on and on and on! Craving something different to mix up the week now and then? Well Whey Box has you covered. Based around convenience, the box was created to provide customers with a product that was easy to order, easy to keep and easy to use! Interested? Then read on for your chance to win a box!

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  • What to Do if You Are Sick of the Gym?

    What to Do if You Are Sick of the Gym?

    This week's blog post comes from our guest blogger Samantha Olivier, if you're getting a bit tired of your gym routine, then read on! “We need to talk” – you said wearily to your trusty gym shoes. But no matter how you try to phrase it, whether it’s the good old “It’s not you, it’s me” or “I just need a break”, the direction of the conversation is slowly dawning both on you and your gear. First off, there’s no shame in wanting a change of pace, and secondly, as long as you’re not abandoning your entire healthy lifestyle, no need to feel like a quitter.

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