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  • Battery BCAA giveaway

    Battery BCAA giveaway

    You may have noticed that our brand new competition features well known drinks brand Battery. We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on their brand new offering of BCAA Energy drinks! Born in Finland, this innovative company is launching its new range of vitality drinks to the UK market, alongside the longstanding original Battery Energy drink, they are producing isotonic energy water, and vitamin energy drinks, as well as a hugely anticipated Protein energy drink.

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  • Workout Wednesday- releasing your TFL

    Workout Wednesday- releasing your TFL

    The TFL or tensor fasciae latae is a tiny muscle located at the top of the hip, which when tight can affect the ITB band. Learn how to release this with Meglio's fantastic massage ball!

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  • An interview with Dave Wall - PT

    An interview with Dave Wall - PT

    Recently we got in touch with one of our great personal trainers on the site Dave Wall, to ask him a few questions about being a personal trainer, and to get to know him a little better.

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