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  • A brand new flavour to dribble over.. Lemon Drizzle

    A brand new flavour to dribble over.. Lemon Drizzle

    New flavour alert! We’ve given away lots of delicious BoostBalls in the past, but this week we have something extra special! There’s a new flavour on the block in the shape of zesty Lemon Drizzle.

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  • The humble Oat

    The humble Oat

    Grown and consumed for centuries, oats are the choice of many Gym Freaks as a healthy addition to their diet. This simple cereal is often overlooked, however it can bring huge benefits to everyday life alongside a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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    It’s exciting finding something new that you love, so living up to its name, we’ve got some delicious packs of LOVE CORN to give away to our followers! Crunchy and delicious these premium kernels of roasted corn are not only tasty but a great healthy snack!

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  • This Girl Can

    This Girl Can

    Gym Freaks is proud to get behind the brilliant Sport England campaign, This Girl Can. This Girl Can is a celebration of women everywhere getting active, and not worrying about how they look, how well they are doing, or how dirty and sweaty they get! It’s about being healthy and active and being the best you can without anything getting in your way!

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  • The Protein Ball Co.

    The Protein Ball Co.

    Based in the sunny seaside town of Worthing, The Protein Ball Co. has grown into a household name in the fitness world. Making delicious, high protein snacks from a variety of sources each ball is hand rolled and created on site. Created by husband and wife duo Matt and Hayley, these brilliant balls were dreamt up after the pair struggled to find on the go snacks that were clean and healthy. Great for those who are wanting to add more protein to their day, these snacks are brilliant for after a gym session or class. We have a great taster box to give away over on our Twitter, so lets take a look at the drool worthy flavours!

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  • Home grown veg!

    Home grown veg!

    Given the choice, we would all pick home grown vegetables over shop bought right? Not only are they tastier, but in general they contain more nutrients and are cleaner. Here are some of the reasons why we should switch and some easy methods to try at home to give you the growing bug!

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  • Prepped Food delivered to your doorstep

    Prepped Food delivered to your doorstep

    The sale of ready prepped meals to boost performance and muscle mass has accelerated at a huge speed this year, with many brands now offering this service. Handy if you’re low on time and want to keep up with the gains, but are they all they’re cracked up to be?

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  • Change for life’s 10 minute shake ups!

    Change for life’s 10 minute shake ups!

    The school holidays are upon us, and whether it’s wet and windy or we have a heatwave, the kids need to stay active! Keeping children healthy and active from an early age has hugely positive health benefits for the rest of their lives. It can also encourage them to take up sports they love and continue doing activities that they may enjoy well into their twilight years. Change for life is a flagship programme from Public Health England designed to help tackle childhood obesity by educating parents on healthy choices they can make.

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