Prepped Food delivered to your doorstep

10th Aug 2017

Prepped Food delivered to your doorstep

Posted by Hannah on 10th Aug 2017 | 0 comments

The sale of ready prepped meals to boost performance and muscle mass has accelerated at a huge speed this year, with many brands now offering this service. Handy if you’re low on time and want to keep up with the gains, but are they all they’re cracked up to be?

Prepped Food delivered to your doorstep

Meal prepping is widely practised amongst many gym-goers and athletes as a handy way of keeping up with a healthy diet. With work, lifestyle, gym and family commitments, cooking can sometimes fall by the wayside. However if you prep ahead, there’s no reason why your diet and exercise regime can't go hand in hand to boost gains made in the gym. Many companies have jumped on this band wagon to produce carefully selected meals to be delivered straight to your door.

So why would you buy instead of making meals yourself? If you have the budget then these on-the-go meals are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. Freshly prepared meals are tailored to suit your needs with high protein content, slow digesting carbs, healthy fats and no preservatives listed as pro’s on many dishes. If you’re counting macro’s then many services take this hassle off your hands, by ensuring that you’re hitting your recommended macro intake with every meal that they send your way.

Variety is another huge advantage in our eyes, having a week of 5 different meals would create food waste as making single portions is hard unless you are cooking for others. Buying in your meals ensures a variety of dishes, with no waste and no cleaning up! So are these meals actually good for us? The answer is check with the company. If meals are freshly made and then packed off to you then check that they’re made on the day, some brands flash freeze their meals after production to ensure that the valuable nutrients are locked into the fresh fruit and vegetables. Meals can either be delivered daily or delivered in batches ready for freezing and defrosting on the day of consumption.

All in all, they tick a box for us, if they are affordable. If you're serious about eating well to complement and enhance your fitness regime then you would be hard pressed to create such a variety as easily and cheaply. Not having to worry about the shopping list, or counting macros also takes one less strain off daily life. If you're into your puddings (like us) many brands create healthy puddings and snacks too! A definite win win, especially when they feel like you're cheating, but you're not!

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