Running gloves

8th Dec 2017

Running gloves

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Forget the thermal running gear, one of the best investments into your winter exercise wardrobe this year has to be gloves. Perfect for keeping you warm against the winter chill, there are several things you must consider before buying your gloves.

Running gloves

First things first, fit: An ill fitting pair of gloves can not only be uncomfortable but can cause problems on your run. This is especially annoying if you’ve shelled out your hard earned cash on a pair. Hands come in all shapes and sizes, so naturally there may be some which don’t fit your hand as well as you like. Look out for ones which come in  sizes (S, M, L etc) and avoid the one size fits all. 

Warmth: The point of investing in these gloves is to keep your hands warm right? However what are we talking here, arctic conditions, chilly London mornings, or the Scottish borders? It’s great to invest in a warm pair of gloves, however you don’t want to end up buying some that will keep your hands too warm. Some brands like North Face do great gloves, but they’re made for very cold conditions. Read up about the types of weather that others have used the gloves in. Reviews are our best friend in this case! 

Wind Protection: The best way to provide warmth is to cut out wind through insulation. The best gloves for optimum wind protection are those made from multiple layers, with the outer layer marketed as windproof. 

Waterproof: Alongside windproof, waterproof is your second best friend. Imagine having wet hands, and then a biting wind cutting through them. Not ideal right? There are few gloves out there that will market themselves as fully waterproof however as long as they have basic waterproof capabilities then it’s highly unlikely that they would ever get completely saturated. Keeping style and usability top, most brands keep waterproof coating to a minimum. 

Functionality: Now, we’ve saved the most important point to last. One of the most crucial things about your new pair of gloves is that you’re able to carry out your run as normal both with them and without them. This means tying shoelaces, skipping tracks on your ipod, answering the phone, working the lights at pedestrian crossings and being able to remove headphones. Not only must they keep you warm, but also safe. Having a pair of gloves which keep your hands toasty is great, but to then have to remove them to check your phone, pause your run, or re-tie your shoe is not practical. Not only this, but it will let out all of that vital heat that you’ve used your energy to create. So when you get your gloves, test them out, have a mini hand disco and see how much movement you can get. Try them out on shoelaces and if you’ve opted for touchscreen gloves then check that they really do work. 

Our Picks:

Salomon Speed Pro glove U - Buy here

Best for: Warmth and fuctionality 

GripGrab running expert - Buy here

Best for: Functionality 

Nike Storm-Fit Hybrid mens running gloves - Buy here

Best for: Waterproof, wind protection and functionality

Adidas Climawarm running gloves - Buy here

Best for: Warmth 

Montane Prism gloves - Buy here

Best for: Warmth, windproof, and waterproof.

Ronhill Wind-Block gloves - Buy here

Best for: Windproof, waterproof and functionality 

Do you have a pair of runing gloves that you would reccomend? Then comment below! 


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