A Quick Guide to Supermodel Abs

5th Jan 2018

A Quick Guide to Supermodel Abs

Posted by Gym Freaks on 5th Jan 2018 | 0 comments

This week we are hearing from our guest blogger Samantha, on what some of us ladies would like for the new year! If you’re one of those girls who admire supermodels and see them as a particular sort of Gods – we completely understand you. These girls have invested so much time, energy, and good will into their careers, which definitely paid off in the end – models such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, and many others prove that consistency and hard work inevitably result in success. If you would like to know how they got those killer abs, stay with us. Here are some useful tips and tricks on how to get them.

A Quick Guide to Supermodel Abs

The difference between supermodel workouts and regular ones

Dan Roberts, celebrity trainer and a man responsible for the majority of those chiseled abs we see everywhere, shared his secret to getting perfectly toned six-pack in just three weeks. However, there’s a small catch – it’s not meant for losing weight, but just for slimming down a little bit, with more tone and definition. Roberts explains that certain events, such as Victoria’s Secret show have extremely strict criteria when it comes to body measurements, which is exactly why models need specific kind of training to achieve them. This was the main reason for Roberts to come up with his own training strategy called Methodology X. You start off with a 30-minute exercise, where you just learn the correct for of the moves; however, it gets much tougher later on. After two weeks, workouts become much more intense, and it all transforms into an interval training circuits. 

What kind of exercises do I need for killer abs?

One of the most important exercises amazing for toned abs is certainly the Supergirl – you should kneel on all fours, and extend the opposite arm and leg consecutively. Apart from it, you should always go for a regular plank pose that does wonders for the transverse abdominals. Hold it for at least 60 seconds, or even longer, if you can do it right (tight abs, still back, neck in a neutral position). Another amazing exercise is also a plank pose, but with a slightly raised butt. You should move your knee in a straight line, toward the stomach, making sure it doesn’t go past the waist. This exercise is fantastic for the lower abdomen. Some of the supermodels who love such exercises are Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, ladies who always look flawless on the runway, with their perfectly toned abs peeking out. Their workouts are core-focused, which means that these are designed specifically for toning and defining their abdominal area to the max.

Which equipment do I need for such a workout?

Regular workout apparel includes a sports bra and a good pair of leggings – just make sure you pick the right fabric. Synthetic ones are great for a workout, since they allow your skin to breathe by removing the sweat from your body. As for other equipment, you will probably need some exercise equipment at some more advanced point of your workout, and it is wise to invest in the right brand. Also, a large number of supermodels swear by the latex waist trainer – it will give you the most fantastic, enhanced workout results thanks to its ability to increase sweat production, therefore contouring and chiseling your waistline to its desired shape.

As you can see, getting your own supermodel abs is not as tricky as you probably thought. Of course, everything is about how hard you work and how committed you are in the process of working out. Remember that hard work always pays off, no matter what!

Samantha Olivier runs ripped.me, a health and fitness site packed with information on motivation, nutrition, health and fitness. Having spent the last 2 years as a personal trainer and gained a B.S.C in nutrition shes now turned to the blogosphere to share her knowledge and tips and we are delighted to welcome her as a guest blogger for Gym Freaks.

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