Home grown veg!

15th Aug 2017

Home grown veg!

Posted by Hannah on 15th Aug 2017 | 0 comments

Given the choice, we would all pick home grown vegetables over shop bought right? Not only are they tastier, but in general they contain more nutrients and are cleaner. Here are some of the reasons why we should switch and some easy methods to try at home to give you the growing bug!

Home grown veg!

We know where it’s come from:

With some fruit and vegetables coming from overseas it’s sometimes hard to know exactly where an item has come from, how ethically it has been produced, and what it may have been through on its journey. The use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers also means that even though these chemicals are deemed to be safe for human consumption we still do not know long term effects on our health. Growing your produce in your garden or allotment means that not only do you know it’s journey from soil to plate, but it has almost no carbon footprint compared to the journey that it could have taken.

It’s cheaper:

A packet of seeds can cost the same as one item gown from them, factor in the water used for watering and some people could argue that it’s more expensive. However for the variety and the organic equivalent of what you’re buying it would be very unlikely that you would end up spending more! Not only does it help with the food bills, but gardening can be a great free activity for the whole family to become involved in. Ditch the expensive soft play and get the family digging and planting. Play a game of who can find the most weeds, or pick the most ripe tomatoes. There is nothing more satisfying and exciting then finding your first piece of produce!

It’s good for the soul:

We all know that it’s a stressful world we live in, getting out in nature is a proven stress reliving technique, so why not bring that nature to your back yard and spend a few hours on the weekend forgetting your troubles.

It’s tastier!

Being healthy eaters we get through a lot of vegetables per week, and there’s no denying that you can’t taste the difference. Not only does home grown look better (embrace the wonky specimens) but it tastes better too! Picked straight fro the garden means that they are completely packed with vitamins and nutrients and you lose absolutely nothing. Supermarket veg is often packed to seal its freshness and containing additives to ensure it doesn’t decay as fast. If you don’t use fertilisers on your plants they’re also classed as organic, which is a win win, as it didn’t cost you double and is much healthier.

 So now we know why we should be growing at home, what are some easy ways to achieve this having little space:

Start with something small. Not only will this introduce you slowly, but it means that you are more likely to succeed with your first attempt. For those with small spaces start with your windowsill. Herbs especially grow well on windowsills as do chilli plants. If you have more space outside then start with a couple of flower pots. Tomatoes are well known for their ease of growth, and they produce a great high yield. Chillies again are great for pots as are mini sweetcorn and aubergines. Pot plants are great as they can easily be moved around, watered and are easy to get to. 

Once you're up and running with your pots, then the next year it's time to expand. Never jump in head first with gardening as this will leave you with too much work and a few failures which will put you off for next year. 

Good luck and send us photo's if you already have a blossoming vegetable patch! 

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