An Interview with Joe Garden - PT

30th May 2017

An Interview with Joe Garden - PT

Posted by Hannah on 30th May 2017 | 0 comments

This week on the blog we are chatting with one of our Gym Freaks who we’ve been following for a while! Joe recently passed his Personal Trainer exams, so we spoke to him about what’s next for his career and just how gruelling the exams were!

An Interview with Joe Garden - PT

Firstly, congratulations Joe! What did you do to celebrate when you found out that you had passed your final exam?

Thanks guys, it is really appreciated. Well, to celebrate I firstly gave myself a little fist bump, because who doesn’t? With my final year university studies the pressure of having to sit my personal training papers was pretty stressful so when I found out I had passed it was a massive relief. Well to celebrate I treated myself to a meal out, a great big carvery I might add. With the risk of sounding a little boring that is pretty much all I did. Went out for some well-earned food and a nice long walk around a local national trust property.

How long has it taken you to complete the exams, could you give us a short description of what you undertook?

From start to finish, it took me around 5 or 6 months to complete the exams (excluding the Level 2 gym instructor, around 10 months including). My course was a combination of distance online learning and two classroom based learning days. My course provider was based in Peterborough, and with me being in Nottinghamshire it was a fair distance and therefore the combined distance learning was the better option for me. This wasn’t really too much of a problem because a lot of the content had been previously covered in modules at university. As I said, it was two training days to basically prepare me for what the practical would entail and what the coursework side (12 week training plan) consisted of. The exam was a practical in which I instructed a personal training session with a client that I had been working with as part of the training plan. There was also a 45 minute multiple choice nutrition theory exam and a 45 minute anatomy and physiology multiple choice exam.

What made you want to become a Personal Trainer in the first place?

There are two main reasons why I wanted to become a personal trainer in the first place, the first reason being that I enjoy working on my own fitness. It is something that I love doing and what better job is there than doing something that you love? I was stuck for jobs to do that I would enjoy coming out of university. I wasn’t looking forward to applying for the “same old” graduate recruitment, graduate marketing jobs. That’s why I decided to take my love of fitness and my degree in sport and exercise science to the next level and become a PT. The second reason is the strange desire to have an impact on as many people’s lives as I possibly can, and again, what better way to do this than helping people improve their fitness and ultimately their lifestyle.

What’s next for your career as a PT?

What’s next is to hopefully build up a client base and to start helping people on their way to achieving their goals no matter what their goals are. I am looking to start a website where I am able to post helpful content by way of blogs outlining a typical day as a PT; helpful tips and tricks for people to help make workouts more efficient; and also post video workouts for people to either try at home or in the gym. I would like to progress this to training people via online workout and nutrition plans in order to reach and help as many people as I possibly can. All I need to do is start up my website and I’ll be on my way (he says).

Best advice you would give to someone who is struggling to get on top of their fitness due to other commitments?

There are a few pieces of advice that I would give someone is to get yourself into a routine of working out. Whether it’s a 15-20 minute HIIT session as soon as you wake up or as soon as you get home, do it. You’ll feel instantly better! Granted, you won’t feel like doing it before, and you might not enjoy it during, but after is what makes you feel good and makes you want to continue doing it. The next thing is to actually get to the gym or get out to the park/in your garden. Once there the hard part is done. Get in the gym and workout, again, even if its 20 minutes. This goes hand in hand with getting into the routine. A little anecdote based on the start of my fitness journey. I drove to the gym, went in, rowed or walked for 15 minutes and went home. I repeated this until it was second nature to not even think about it. No hesitation, I would get up and go to the gym. So the best advice, without sounding harsh is to just do it, get a routine going that suits you, and do it.

What do you love the most about the online fitness community on Twitter and Instagram, are there any pet hates?

The thing I love about the online fitness community is everybody’s willingness to support people and give advice. It’s free of charge and people are always more than happy to share their own experiences and if they can, point people in the right direction. Now, I have two pet hates. The first are those people that cannot bare to see other people succeed and would rather shame them than give them any form of praise. This to me is an attempt to make people feel better about themselves, when in reality, if they paid more attention to themselves they wouldn’t need to feel the need to shame others. The second pet hate, and this is something that really does grind my gears is celebrities pushing detox teas and other such supplements to people that don’t know any better. They haven’t used the stuff themselves, and if they have, then it's 100% not the reason they look the way they do. The media can deceive people to believe anything and this is what companies rely on to sell their stuff. (Rant over).

Finally, why should we use you for our personal trainer?

You should use me for your personal trainer because of my vast wealth of knowledge from my course at uni and my PT course, coupled with my want to help people succeed. I will help to motivate you not only to work out, but to improve your lifestyle. I will be there every step of the way, and I will not only be your personal trainer, but I will be your friend. Training plans will be tailored to your needs and schedule. Nutrition plans will be tailored to your likes.

Huge thanks to Joe for answering our questions. Joe is currently based in Sutton-in -Ashfield, Nottinghamshire and can be contacted via his Twitter whilst his business email and website are being set up! Definitely give him a follow Gym Freaks! 

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