Exercising in the Winter months

17th Oct 2017

Exercising in the Winter months

Posted by Hannah on 17th Oct 2017 | 0 comments

The nights are drawing in, and as much as we may hate it (or love it) it’ll soon be dark when we leave the house in the morning and dark when we return (sarcastic yay inserted). We’ve had a look at the best places to get equipped for the darker months, whether you’re out running, cycling or just walking the dog. Being seen is high priority and these are the best places to rectify that!

Exercising in the Winter months


Created by cyclists, Proviz is here to make your exercising, cycling and commuting as safe as possible, with their highly effective REFLECT360 collection. Made from 100% reflective material, these garments and accessories are a plain mute colour in daylight, but come night they become completely reflective all over anytime light hits them. With a wide range including Cycling Helmets, Backpacks, Leggings, Gilet’s, Jackets, Gloves, Armbands and many, many more you’ll be astounded by the quality, brightness and genius of these fantastic products. They even produce coats for our canine furbabys!

Kalenji by Decathlon

For those on more of a budget, well known brand name Decathlon serve up their own range of high viz running gear under the brand name Kalenji. These range from rain jackets, shorts and T-shirts with reflective strips, to bags, lights and even a cap with built in LED lights. Even though they are not as reflective as Proviz, these products will still enable you to be seen effectively.


Cycling brand B’twin provide their own high viz cycling gear which is also available at Decathlon. Sticking to mainly cycling jackets, socks, gloves and a few T-shirts, these high viz items sit in between Proviz and Kalenji in terms of price. Created by a bike manufacturer, you know that they are made specifically for cyclists. Perfect if you are looking for clothing for commuting to work in.


Ronhill’s Infinity Nightfall collection is a highly stylish Jacket and Leggings combo for the serious runner amongst us. Their tailored jackets for both men and women are black with large reflective graphics on both the front and back for great reflective night time visibility. The tights feature reflective graphics on both the back, front and sides, ensuring reflection is gained from any angle. For those wanting a more colourful collection, the Vizion collection is cheaper and brighter, featuring many colourful high viz Jackets, T-shirts, Arm Bands and Runnings Tights.

Here are a few of our other favourite sites with great high viz selections on:

Brooks Running


Sweat Shop

Let us know if you have any high visibility sportswear that you swear by for the winter months, or if you took our advice and purchased anything from our list! 

Hapy and safe exercising Gym Freaks!  

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