Hang Dr giveaway

2nd Mar 2017

Hang Dr giveaway

Posted by Gym Freaks on 2nd Mar 2017 | 1 comment

We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Hang Dr this week, to give away a brilliant selection of their products. We have a x1 bottle of Advance Cutting formula, x1 bottle of Turbo charged cutting formula and 3 weekends worth of vitamin and supplement sachets to give away to one lucky winner on Twitter!

Hang Dr giveaway

Created in March 2016, Hang Dr was the brainchild of Lloyd McAuliffe, seeing a gap in the market, and tired of feeling groggy after a heavy night out, a hard session down the gym or intense travelling, he created Hang Dr. 

Marketed by a bi-line of ‘For people who enjoy a drink’ Hang Dr is not just for hangovers. In fact if used everyday it might actually help to reduce the effects of them even before you start to produce one. Their Vitamin and Mineral supplements contain 24 of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. These help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, contribute to a normal electrolyte balance and help the immune system. It also boosts energy release, performance and vision. Replenishing and reviving your body when it needs it most, these daily  multi vitamins and minerals will give you the extra boost when you need it most. 

Shred Dr has been carefully created to sit alongside Hang Dr’s Vitamin and Mineral supplement range, marketed for those who regularly hit the gym. We have two different products from their range to give away.

Shred Dr advance cutting formula is a a high-strength, rapid-release, fat-burning dietary supplement designed to help you achieve your body and fitness goals. Containing stimulants such as caffeine and Guarana, natural energisers Sea Kelp and Green Tea and B Vitamins, Shred Dr helps to combat fatigue and allow you to get the best out of your workout. This great formula also contains green coffee, this unroasted coffee bean is a high source of Chlorogenic acid a popular choice in fat burning supplements as an aid to healthy weight loss. 

Shred Dr Turbo Charged cutting formula is perfect for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Containing the stimulants caffeine, L-Taurine, L-Tyrosine and Guarana, it aims to improve concentration, energy and alertness. Vitamin B3 is also included to combat tiredness and fatigue. Iodine is there to help regulate thyroid function, and Iron helps to deliver Oxygen around the body. Aiding with weight loss, Chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels and increase the metabolic breakdown of fats, carbs and proteins. 

Both of these supplements are great for gaining that extra momentum, and starting to see more results from your workout. However they should only be taken as a supplement, and alongside a healthy balanced diet. If you are in any doubt please talk to your doctor, and those sensitive to caffeine should be aware of the presence in these products. 


  • 1 comment
  • 8th Mar 2017 @ 23:06

    Sounds like these are made for me! I like a drink or two (cough) and am a regular gym freak but some days a gym workout is harder than others. I could also do with losing a few pounds as I am currently on Mission Lean

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