Is there really a best time to work out?

20th Sep 2017

Is there really a best time to work out?

Posted by Hannah on 20th Sep 2017 | 0 comments

Lets face it, the internet is full of conflicting advice about scientific studies which show the best and worst times of the day to work out, and whether working out in the morning or the evening can make you sleep worse or better. But for many people this kind of research is quite frankly a bit rubbish!

Is there really a best time to work out?

Most of us are either morning people or evening people and this is something that even science can’t tell us. There are times of the day which you perform better than other times, this varies from person to person, and this will play a huge part in your decision about when to work out. There are however some rules which you should adhere to when making your decision which can greatly benefit the workout and how well you succeed.

Morning Workouts:

The most important thing to remember with morning workouts is that your body will be stiff and cold from sleep. This means that a lot more emphasis has to be put into warming up, as the risk of injury is greatly increased in the early hours. Also whether it’s a coffee or a quick bowl of cereal, giving the body some sort of fuel will give you the boost you need to safely make your way to the gym or be more alert when out running. Running or working out half asleep is never beneficial and can end up in some nasty accidents. However apart from this there are many benefits to getting your sweat on early in the morning:

Peace and quiet - Set foot outside and you are met with the sunrise and minimal people are around to witness your run. Gym’s are usually the quietest in the early morning, meaning less competition for equipment and if you suffer from confidence issues it's a great time to work out in peace on your own.

It sets a good tone for the day - We all know that exercise releases endorphins, so you’ll arrive at work happy and ready for the day ahead, and in turn this will mean you are more focussed, alert and will improve mental clarity.

Your metabolic rate is raised - great for those who watch what they eat, this means that you’ll be burning extra calories for the rest of the day, and the healthy start might sway you to pick healthier choices for both lunch and dinner.

Evening Workouts:

Unlike the morning your muscles will be completely warmed up and ready to tackle any workout you throw at them, meaning stretching will be easier, quicker and you might even reach areas you didn’t know you could!  This in turn decreases the likelihood of injuries like strains, as muscles are much more flexible.

The calories consumed throughout the day help to fuel your workout leading to higher performance, power and quicker reaction times. This is all helped by a low body temperature, low blood pressure and low heart rate, all of which you are most likely to experience towards the end of the day. 

Whenever you decide is the best time for you, the best way to get the most out of your workout is sticking to a routine. The body loves a routine, and will get used to a set workout time. 

When do you find the best time to workout is? Leave a comment below! 



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