The FitBit Alta HR

7th Mar 2017

The FitBit Alta HR

Posted by Gym Freaks on 7th Mar 2017 | 0 comments

Spring is round the corner, so it’s time for FitBit to reveal a new Fitness tracker for us all to drool over. However this time they haven't created something new, they’ve reinvented a classic! The FitBit Alta, one of FitBits more stylish watches has received a makeover, with the addition of a heart rate monitor, extended battery life, and an all-new sleep stages app.

The FitBit Alta HR

Containing all the original features of its predecessor, steps, calories, distance, move reminders, clock, tap display and call, text and calendar alerts. FitBit have added on the one thing that was missing. For many the Alta was the ideal watch, slim, modern and stylish, it ticked all the boxes, except one. For those serious about their stats, no heart rate was a huge disappointment. 

 Benefits of a heart rate monitor:

  • Better calorie burn tracking
  • Make the most of each workout - see how hard you are working 
  • Gain insight into your health 

Clawing back their customers, FitBit’s new offering doesn't just contain heart rate, it contains an all-new sleep tracking function called sleep stages. Using both heart rate and motion detection, your FitBit will track the stages of sleep that you go through. 

These are light sleep, deep sleep, and Rem Sleep. Knowing which of these lasted the most allows you to understand your sleep cycle more clearly. If most of your sleep cycle was spent in light sleep then you will probably have not had the proper desired amount of rest. On its older trackers, this would have been recorded purely as sleep, however 5 hours of light sleep are very different to 5 hours of deep sleep. 

An improved watch surely means more power, so a less reliable battery right? FitBit have managed to improve battery life, and a single charge can last for up to 5 days, allowing you to move more, and and charge less. 

All in all, the new improve Alta is a win in our books, and we can't wait to get our hands on one!

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