The rise of London Muscle LDNM

9th Jun 2016

The rise of London Muscle LDNM

Posted by Hannah on 9th Jun 2016 | 0 comments

You may have seen recently that we gave away on Twitter some Brand New supplements from London Muscle! These guys seem to be on everyone’s lips at the moment, so we thought we would take a look into who they are and what exactly London Muscle is!

The rise of London Muscle LDNM


Originating in South West London, LDNM was founded by two sets of brothers. James and Tom Exton and Max and Lloyd Bridger. The brothers who have all trained for years beforehand, wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone. Recognising that juggling of modern life is hard the boys worked hard to create guides to transformations that were first and forefront meticulously created to be done side by side children, social lives, relationships and work commitments.

So what exactly have LDNM created? Available online through their website are guides tailored to different results for different genders. Men can choose from the Cutting Guide, Bulking Bible, Muscle Group guides, Cardio and Fitness Guides and recipes. Women can choose from the Bikini Guide, Home Bikini Guide, recipes, muscle group guides and Fitness Guides. Depending on what guide you go for you can choose a length of your plan. Once your plan is bought you will receive 1 to 1 support, a structured easy to read diet plan according to your weight and body type, exclusive discounts for all your food and supplement needs and a full schedule of exercises including weights and cardio. You can also sign up for the LDNM academy which runs courses on qualifying as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, sports massage, suspension training and a kettlebell course. Personal training sessions are also available.

Having trained for a number of years, the guides created by London Muscle are drawn from the brothers positive and negative experiences, and aim to appeal to everyone no matter what point you are starting from. London Muscle train 100% natural only using legally available supplements that clients can access. Intent on spreading the natural ethos, LDNM also like to make their clients aware of the dishonesty that this industry can bring. Physiques that are naturally unobtainable, gimmicky supplements and one size fits all exercise plans. Practicing what they preach the London Muscle boys have gained their physiques by using advice from their own dietary plans and training methods.

Along with a range of apparel, LDNM have just released a new line of supplements, and with protein powder flavours like maple syrup we don’t reckon that these will hang around on the shelves for very long!

So why not visit LDNM now 

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