Grub Bars

1st Jun 2017

Grub Bars

Posted by Hannah on 1st Jun 2017 | 1 comment

This weeks competition is a rather special one. We are giving away 10 of the fantastic Eat Grub natural energy bars. Never heard of Eat Grub bars before then let us explain!

Grub Bars

Created by friends Shami and Neil, Eat Grub (or Grub for short) was born to encourage people to embrace insects as a tasty and healthy food source. Enjoyed all over the world, insects are a great healthy snack, containing an abundance of nutrients and low levels of complex fats. This makes them a great choice for people with digestive health problems and intolerances.

We have 10 of the fantastic Eat Grub energy bars to give away to one lucky winner. These bars are made with cricket powder, which means each bar contains 12% protein, perfect for a pre or post workout pick me up! They are a great snack for anybody on a heathy diet. We have 5 bars of each flavour to give away, these are Cranberry and Orange and Coconut and Cacao. Made from all natural ingredients, the bars are nut, dairy, gluten, and soy free and contain no added sugar.

As well as their energy bars, Grub also sell packets of edible bugs such as crickets, mealworms and buffalo worms, perfect for cooking or snacking, as well as starter packs and a fantastic cookery book helping you make the most out of your Grub purchases. If you would like to try before you buy, Grub host a pop up every last Sunday of the month in London at the San Daniele Del Friuli in Highbury throughout the summer. Teaming up with chef Seb Holmes to bring you a whole host of delicious Thai inspired insect dishes. You can even grab some bespoke insect based cocktails whilst you're there!

 Eat Grub Bar Ingredients: Cranberry & Orange:

Ingredients: Juice Infused Cranberries (22.3%), Sunflower Seeds (16.4%), Currants (12.3%), Chopped Dates (9.8%), Gluten Free Oatbran (9.8%), Goji Berries (7.9%), Pumpkin Seeds (5.9%), Vegetable Glycerine (5.5%), Cricket Protein Powder (5.1%), Water (4.7%), Natural Orange Flavour (0.3%)

Coconut and Cacao

Ingredients: Chopped Dates (18.9%), Sultanas (18.9%), Coconut (15.1%), Gluten Free Oatbran (9.1%), Cricket Protein Powder (8.7%), Sunflower Seeds (6.3%), Cacao Powder (5.5%), Water (5.0%), Vegetable Glycerine (4.7%), Cacao Nibs (3.9%), Cacao Butter (3.8%)

 *Important please Note* If you are allergic to SHELLFISH you may also be allergic to bugs

 If you would like more information on the pop-up and to view Grub’s range then visit their website HERE.

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  • 1st Jul 2017 @ 10:10

    These look so good but i don't physically think I could eat them!

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